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Design / Creative Direction

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Re-creating History

Pearson's Candy needed a new website and overhaul of their digital and social presence. We started by physically digging into their archives and soon realized that for a company that was over 100 years old, there were great design elements from old packaging and other design ephemera, but not a cohesive brand. So we needed to keep the nostalgia of the St. Paul based candy company but update it with modern pop art sensibilities.

We started with the logo:

Through packaging updates they had lost their classic logo that adorned their headquarters, so we resurrected it and made it the focal point of our identity update. From there we continued to build out new elements including iconography, brand language and a visual storytelling style merging photography, scanned elements and a bright color palette to showcase their existing product line. The site need to be flexible to accommodate existing products, highlight news and happenings around the factory as well as allow for the newly found brand voice to come to life.

Launching the Website

To launch the website and their social channels, we made a series of introductory videos that brought the quirky new voice of the brand to life.

Extending the Brand

As part of the re-launch of the Pearsons Candy brand, we extended our pop art sensibilities from the brand onto shirts and buttons that were available and select candy stores and Minnesota-centric destinations.

The Department of Funergy

Pearson's Candy's flagship product is the Salted Nut Roll. Full of protein, we positioned it as a fun source of energy — Funergy. The ambassadors of the Salted Nut Roll were known as Agents of the Department of Funergy. This became the focus of social content, showing how this treat could enhance everything from a fishing trip to a long bike ride. With many event partnerships, The Department of Funergy showed up throughout the Twin Cities with a Hammerschlagen cut in the shape of a Nut Roll, an LED cornhole game and plenty of swag. All aimed at bring a smile and a much needed recharge to event goers.

Design by Kidmittee

Pearsons Candy is the official candy of the Anoka Halloween Parade. To create their parade float, we solicited designs from imaginative elementary school artists. After combing through the hundred's of designs, we saw a lot of recurring themes: skulls, black cats and candy being puked onto the crowd. We took the most original ideas and combined them into a spectacle like no other.

Pearson's Candy Brand Development, Social Content and Website
Role: Creative Director

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