Barrett Haroldson
Design / Creative Direction

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The Fastest Wings

With more than 70% of traffic coming to on mobile, we set out to create the best experience for hungry wing fans wherever they were. The site needed to represent B-Dubs' commitment to sports without getting in the way of users' main task of ordering food or getting to a restaurant. The site is optimized to make the online ordering the quickest and most mouthwatering experience, without losing all of the menu customization options that fans love.

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Perfectly customized for every customer

In order to give the right experience to each user, we fully utilized all of the CMS customization features to their fullest. Depending on the time of day, day of week, who was logged in, the location selected and many other inputs, we were able to give each user a fully customized experience that suited why they were here. Designing every module with the potential of giving the user more relevant content was a creative challenge that was solved and has continued to be approved upon.

Buffalo Wild Wings Website Redesign
Role: Creative Director

Created at space150

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