Barrett Haroldson
Design / Creative Direction

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Bringing Wonder to Life

3M is well-known by most as the people that bring the world Post-It Notes and Scotch Tape. The truth is that they play a far bigger role in our world, from autonomous cars to bike frames to granules in shingles that are cooling our world. You are never more than 10 feet from a 3M product. When tasked with bringing to life their first brand campaign in a decade, we focused on the thing that brings all of their products, innovation and impact to life, wonder. Wonder is the human-focused beginning of an idea, the act of asking what-if? The campaign was focused around 4 videos. In each one the goal was to uncover 3M's role in our world in places that you expect to further reaching places that our audience doesn't know.

Surrounding the Campaign

Video was central to campaign. Within each we were asking many questions that all had an answer. Through distributed content across social as well as a campaign website, we were able to bring our audience the answers to the questions we were asking as well as a means to explore further how these products are shaping our world.

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3M Brand Campaign
Role: Creative Director

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