Barrett Haroldson
Design / Creative Direction

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Shopping via Social Media

To understand that moccasins are for more than just Saturdays by a campfire, we brought in Instagram images of Minnetonka's in use. Tagging images with #MyMinnetonka was already organically happening with their fans, so the site's role was to display them in meaningful ways and enhance the shopping experience.

Mobile-First Shopping Experience

Due to the way in which people shop and compare online and in a store environment, we needed to design the mobile interface to focus on the elements that allows a user to easily compare products.

Everything is shareable. Everything is shoppable.

One goal of this site was allowing every photo, product, blog post and lookbook to not only be shareable, but to also bring the shopping experience to all parts of the site. The other convention that was broken within the lookbook section was to lay out the images vertically vs. a carousel to allow for more variation in photography formats and easier consumption across all devices.

The Minnetonka Blog

Minnetonka has great, inspirational content that is made by their internal team as well as a multitude of partners. Creating a blog that can categorize and display the articles in a more visual way was very important. The articles needed to accommodate everything from individual images as well as long form visual storytelling, so the layout was made to be very flexible.

Minnetonka Moccasin E-Commerce Website
Role: Creative Director

Created at space150

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